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DCAC Lecture Series

Want to learn more about how child abuse impacts victims, their families and our community? Our complimentary community Lecture Series is the perfect place to start. 

The DCAC Lecture Series consists of educational trainings throughout the year focused on informing guests on relevant topics and equipping guests with the knowledge to keep their families safe and make a difference in our community.

Topic: Can You Hear Me Now? Defenses our children use to manage distress

Description: Everyone experiences negative situations in life – they’re unavoidable. While some of us communicate effectively and work through a situation only to come out better on the other side, others retreat into familiar defense mechanisms to make themselves feel better and avoid painful feelings. This lecture series demonstrates what kinds of defenses our kids use to manage these overwhelming experiences and how they demonstrate their distress to others. Young children are often compromised to use language to seek help and protection; however, they are capable of very clear behavioral communication as calls for help.

Speaker: Eliana Gil, Ph.D, RPT-S, ATR

Eliana Gil is a public speaker, teacher, consultant and Partner at the Gil Institute for Trauma Recovery and Education.